SCHENECTADY, NY (September 7, 2023) - Following the blockbuster debut of Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience, which has delighted over 130,000 visitors since opening at Schenectady’s Armory Studios NY, Exhibition Hub in partnership with Fever, have announced Claude Monet: The Immersive Experience to be presented in the same downtown Schenectady location next month. Tickets are NOW available for purchase.


The experience features Exhibition Hub’s award-winning, 4K digital mapping techniques through which guests are fully enveloped in Monet’s brilliant and contemplative works in a two-story high projection area. This breathtaking experience goes even further to immerse guests into Monet’s life by placing them in stunning re-creations of Monet’s creative atelier and his luscious gardens at Giverny, while also taking guests on an unparalleled virtual reality journey where they can break the plane of his most famous paintings and explore the magnificent landscapes that inspired Monet’s works. Claude Monet:  The Immersive Experience is scheduled to open on Sunday, October 15.


Through this immersive experience, guests will be transported into Monet's world-renowned works of art, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the artist's Impressionist style and brushstrokes. They will embark on a captivating journey, exploring the artist's life, career, and secrets, as they witness his artistic genius like never before.


“Over the last 15 years Schenectady County has become a destination for arts an entertainment in the Capital Region and beyond,” said Cathy Gatta, Schenectady County Legislator and President of the Discover Schenectady Board of Directors. “As we saw with the resounding success of the Van Gogh exhibit, these immersive showcases draw visitors from far and wide, enhancing the appeal of our community for residents and tourists alike. We’re delighted to welcome ‘Claude Monet: The Immersive Experience’ to downtown Schenectady!”


“Following a hugely successful Van Gogh run, we’re thrilled to welcome Claude Monet: The Immersive Experience to our city,” said Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy. “Working with Schenectady County, Discover Schenectady and Metroplex, we are excited to welcome this exciting new exhibit to Armory Studios NY in our revitalized downtown.”  


“We are excited to welcome Claude Monet: The Immersive Experience this Fall following the amazingly successful run of Van Gogh at Armory Studios NY,” said Todd Garofano, Discover Schenectady’s Executive Director. “Visitors to Schenectady County for Monet will find a wide array of dining, shopping, lodging and entertainment options during their stay, and we look forward to rolling out the red carpet for them.”  


To ensure easy access to the exhibit, Schenectady County has reserved over 200 FREE parking spaces located at the rear entrance to the Armory, providing direct access to the Van Gogh exhibit. Designated ADA parking is also available.


Claude Monet: The Immersive Experience is a must-see for anyone looking to discover and enjoy art in a unique and innovative way. With advanced technologies, an immersive gallery, and a historic venue, the exhibition promises to transport visitors to Monet's world-renowned works of art, creating a truly unforgettable experience.


Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience will officially end on October 1 to make way for Monet: The Immersive Experience. A 20% discount is available for its final weeks using the code VGALBANY20.