Schenectady County has a rich history that we love to celebrate! Known for being a center of industry during the 19th century, Schenectady has consistently evolved and transformed throughout the years. Schenectady is flourishing and its residents welcome you! 

Our Historic Stockade District is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in the County. It has been continuously inhabited for more than 300 years. Dating back to the early 1600s, the Historic Stockade District is acknowledged on the National Register of Historic Places with more than 400 homes. These historic homes are over 200 years old and show the rich history that Schenectady holds! 

Downtown Schenectady and Mohawk Harbor are being revitalized, meaning there will be more business and a better connection between the Downtown area and the Harbor with years to come. These areas are already lovely as it is, which makes revitalization even more exciting! 

Plan a visit to Schenectady County and discover the rich history for yourself!

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