In this episode, we take you to one of the newest breakfast and lunch spots in Schenectady County to try out their fresh (never frozen!) ingredients, delicious coffee and much more! Rooster's NY is a family-owned and operated GEM in Rotterdam and we hope you'll check them out for yourself! 🐓🐓

Visit Roosters at 2675 Hamburg Street in Rotterdam, NY or check out their Facebook and Instagram for more information! 

🎥: Video produced, filmed and edited by Bizi Media Co. | #SchenectadEATS


  • All the menu items at Roosters NY are available to either eat in or take with you to go.
  • Roosters NY doesn't have any freezers or microwaves, instead using ingredients which are all sourced locally for dishes that are made to order.
  • Standouts of the menu include the Rocket Burger (based on the popular Rocket Salad in Italy) with prosciutto, parmesan, arugula, and balsamic barbecue; breakfast dishes like the chicken and waffles in a strawberry chutney; and healthier fare like the gluten-free strawberry blue salad in a thick balsamic dressing.
  • The beverage options at Roosters NY are equally exciting. They brew up some impressive in-house coffee like the Holy Cannoli, their most popular blend. Mexican Coca-Cola, which uses real cane sugar, is also available to wash down whichever fresh ingredients you decide to try when you visit.