The urban chic charm at Aperitivo is only the start of what makes this Downtown Schenectady bistro shine! Their food, drinks and friendly staff made for a truly special dining experience!

Tune in for our chat with Executive Chef Frank Tardio and General Manager Amanda Trackey for a look inside what makes Aperitivo so special -- and we even get a special appearance from owner Matt Mazzone to tell us a bit about his family's history in Schenectady and in the building where Aperitivo is today!

And, of course, we can't forget the delicious meal -- Mushroom Farfalle (with homemade pasta!) and Chicken Milanese. 

Aperitivo is a dining experience you won't soon forget! Make your reservation today at: (518) 579-3371


  • This bistro and wine bar is right next door to the fabled Proctors Theatre, centrally located in the city's downtown section. A great place to have a drink (or possibly spot a performer) either before or after a performance at the legendary venue, even the ushers at Proctors may not quite live up to the customer service provided at Aperitivo.
  • Menu options include Chicken Milanese (made with poultry from Milan), a breaded chicken thigh served with grilled lemon and a light salad featuring Parmesan and Pecorino Romano cheeses. Homemade farfalle (bowtie style, named after the Italian word for butterfly) is another popular dish, served with mushrooms, fresh thyme and garlic, with burrata cheese on top and a subtle truffle essence. The menu's lighter fare includes plates such as the pickled beets with pistachio butter.
  • Recommendations from the upcoming spring cocktail menu include the Super Fruit Mule and White Lilly. These are in addition to the wines that Aperitivo is known for, like their rosé or their Pinot Nero.
  • Owner Matthew Mazzone not only celebrated ten years of Aperitivo recently, but he also has a long family history at the exact location of his restaurant, with his family's first excursion into serving local cuisine occupying the same property in the 1980s. Mazzone has been very excited to return to his familial roots and to grow his restaurant alongside the constantly evolving Schenectady downtown scene.
  • Take a look at the menu for yourself at

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