Plotter Kill Preserve

"The Plotter Kill Preserve contains 632 acres of rugged hardwood and coniferous forest along the Plotter Kill, a scenic tributary to the Mohawk River. The gorge of the Plotter Kill was cut by melt waters at the close of the ice ages about 10,000 years ago. The ledges give the stream its name: platte (flat) and kill (creek): Please exercise caution when hiking in the Preserve; the terrain is very rugged with steep slopes and ledges near the trails. There are three spectacular waterfalls: the Upper Falls, Lower Falls and the Rynex Creek Falls at the junction of Rynex Creek and the Plotter Kill. All are magnificent sights in spring high water and in winter ice. The Plotter Kill Preserve is wonderful for nature study. Over 600 species of plants have been found in the area including: trilliums, violets, lilies, ferns and club mosses."

Plotter Kill Preserve Map

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  • 3953 Mariaville Road
  • Schenectady, New York 12306
  • Phone:  (518) 386-2225
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