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Meet the Schenectady Insiders

What better way to #DiscoverSchenectady than through the eyes of our Insiders? The people who live, work, stay and play in Schenectady County. We asked some true Schenectady experts to share their favorite things to help you live like a local when you visit!

Meet the Insiders

Jen, Maggie, Tim, Tom, Erin, Jinelle, Curtis, Carmel & Deneen, Mitch, Zakhar & John, Julianna, and Katherine & Drew are all excited to meet you! 

Yoga and Spin Instructor

Yoga & Spin Instructor, New Schenectady Homeowner

Real Estate Guru & DYIer

Real Estate Guru and DIY & Design Lover

Creator of @timsnykitchen

Foodie and Creator of @timsnykitchen

Retired Teacher - Theatre Lover

Retired Teacher & Theatre Lover

Super Mom & Nonprofit Founder

Super Mom & Nonprofit Founder

Downtown Schdy Lover/Explorer

Downtown Schenectady Lover & Explorer

Coordinator-VP of Development

Experts of Schenectady County

Food and Entertainment Experts

Food and Entertainment Experts

Young Professional on the Move

Young Professional on the Move

Craft Beer Enthusiast

Entrepreneur and Craft Beer Enthusiast

Fashionista/Community Volunteer

Fashionista and Dedicated Community Volunteer

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